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Printer for Remote Desktop

Printer for Remote Desktop allows driver free printing from any application in a remote session to a local printer
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18 December 2012

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Professionals working in remote desktop environments have a very good idea of how tedious and problematic printing can be. As you have got the option to get the files into your local machine for printing still difficulties like installation of printing software and switching among local system and remote sessions could be a hassle. Further there are other issues like diver installation of printers even if you get access to remote printer. So you can forget all these quandaries with Printer for Remote Desktop 1.0.1. Using this program you will be in a position to print from remote desktop session into local printer effortlessly. All it takes is installing the utility in the remote side as well as your local computer and start printing freely.

Printer for Remote Desktop produces a virtual printing environment (just like any normal printer) on the remote side in the remote session enabling you to carry out the printing of any document or images through any application to the local printer. This process makes gives you the luxury of executing the printings without installing any kind of printer drivers on remote PCs. Printer for Remote Desktop is very particular and takes good care of your classified items. It doesn’t allow anybody other than you to print from your local printer. Interestingly it supports printing through both ICA and RDP protocol. The program offers flexibility for single-user as well as multi-users plus allows all brands of printers work easily with it. For a faster data transfer, it compresses the printing data volume but keeps the quality of images intact.

Printer for Remote Desktop 1.0.1 is one essential product that is recommended for all kinds of organizations for printing documents easily and effectively. It can be awarded a rating of 3.5 for such fantastic features proffered by it.

Publisher's description

Printer for Remote Desktop creates a virtual printer on the server and allows printing from any application in a remote session to a local printer. You don't need to plug your printer directly into the server machine to print in a remote desktop session (Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA). You don't even need to install your printer's driver on the server!
Now users can get separate access to their own printers regardless of how many printers are being redirected to the same server at the same time. The printers are isolated within each individual session, so you don't need to scan through a long list of printers in the print dialog to find the one plugged into your workstation!
Printer for Remote Desktop supports 3 color modes and 3 resolutions, printing on more than 10 standard paper sizes, both portrait and landscape orientation.
Key features:
- supports both Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA
- doesn't require any drivers on the server side
- each printer is isolated within the session
Start printing in your remote session with Printer for Remote Desktop!
Printer for Remote Desktop
Printer for Remote Desktop
Version 1.2.2
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